James Currie

James Currie is a dedicated bank compliance professional with nearly 20 years of experience, more than 12 years experience in Financial Crime Compliance and Risk Management. He began his career as an examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, progressing up through the ranks to Supervising Examiner, leading a specialist team of examiners focused exclusively on BSA and OFAC compliance.

On the other side of the meeting table, he has served as Chief BSA Officer for two large complex banks, where he was responsible for enhancing the compliance programs and building out compliance departments. He also has direct experience preparing and executing comprehensive action plans responsive to regulatory actions.

Most recently, Mr. Currie was Director of International AML Compliance for a midwest top five bank. There he oversaw business line compliance programs, ran the OFAC/Sanctions program, created the Global Anti-Corruption Program, and was responsible for the development and global implementation of CDD/EDD Guidelines.

To play on the old adage, you can take the compliance officer out of the regulatory agency, but you can never really take the regulator out of the compliance officer. From his depth of experience on both sides of the bank-regulator relationship, he has retained a dedication to identifying and meeting regulatory expectations, but has balanced that with an appreciation for the complexity, the reality of trying to build out and run a consistently effective compliance program in a shifting and increasingly technology-driven business world. He thinks like an examiner and like a banker.

James Currie